3M™ 716 Slim Lock Closure

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Product Details

3M™ 716 Slim Lock Closure

3M™ Slim Lock Closures for wireless weatherproofing applications is a compact closure that protects RF connections at the cell site, even when those connections are close together. As a result of Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna requirements for LTE and the trend toward multi-band multi-service antennas, RF connector density and size on the antenna is becoming problematic for older, bulkier weatherproofing solutions. Tapes and mastics, for instance, are difficult to use in these congested areas.

The 3M Slim Lock Closure is reusable, re-enterable and tool-less, making it a timesaving, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for the wireless industry. It can be used at the RF connection points on both the antenna and Remote Radio Unit (RRU) in an FTTA installation. RF connections need to be protected so that moisture cannot intrude, which can lead to signal integrity issues.

Connector Neck Size
1.00" - 1.03" (25.4 - 26.2 mm)
Connector Type
DIN 716
Environmental protection
Overall Length (Metric)
127 mm
Product Type
Wireless: Tower
Solution for
Wireless Network: Weatherproofing
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